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Law Hau Heng long black flesh-colored reality bloom temptation thin smooth legs stockings sexy pantyhose 1094


¥ 1.19 (Market Price¥2.65 For your savings 1.46)

Mini Quantity:3(PAA)
  • Black
  • Colour
  • One Size

Service Quality Pledge Origin Export Certified Products

  • Source categories:Spot
  • Item no:1094
  • Product Age Classification:Adult Socks
  • Fabric name:Nylon
  • Fabric composition:Nylon/Nylon
  • Contents of main material components:92(%)
  • Whether to support the OEM:Support
  • Support for Foundry:Does not support
  • Stock type:The whole single
  • Inventory:Yeah
  • Technology:Chong Mao
  • Function:Air permeability,Invisible
  • Barrel Height:Long Tube
  • Thickness:Ultra thin
  • Pattern:Bars
  • Style:Sexy
  • For the season:Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
  • Revision:No revision
  • Minimum amount of OEM:5000(Parts)
  • Cooperated :Rose&Lace
  • OEM objects:External single processing,Taobao Sellers,Day Cat
  • Main sales Channels:Taobao,Domestic shopping malls,Day Cat
  • Whether to import:Whether
  • Color:Black,Color
  • Size:One Size
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【Product goods number】1094


【Baby colors】Black Nude,If there are errors,In order to prevail in kind


【Baby ingredients】Silk stockings


【Baby size】One Size(150cm-170cm)


【Baby package】OPPIndependent fine paper card packing,Professional closed,Protection of privacy,Merchandise original packaging,Packaging for professional courier bag or box packaging


【Washing tips】The water temperature is below40Best of hand washing,Do not rub hard,Prohibition of the bleaching and ironing,Hang to dry


【Maintenance tips】Lingerie is not machine washable、Bleach,Recommended weak salty liquid laundry dry naturally after washing by hand in order to protect the baby,Baby live longer,Word of advice30Degrees-40Warm water hand wash


【Special note】Sexy lingerie is a personal clothing,Tried on or used,Does not accept returns;Due to different monitor,Picture color color with the real phenomena,Is a normal range;Product images are for reference only to material object as the standard
















 Wholesale information please be aware that a clear

About pictures│All goods100%Pictures 


 About purchase


     Can take on a Web site are in stock,Since we are the multi-channel sales,Very occasionally appears broken broken,Support small mixed batch5Starting,Wholesale priceIn accordance with theParagraphFilmed by actualThe number corresponding to the price,For example:AProduct purchase1Parts,BProduct purchase30Parts,CProduct purchase100Parts,SoACommodity settlementPrice is1PartsWholesale price,BProducts in accordance with30PartsWholesale price,CProducts in accordance with100Wholesale price calculation,Purchase and will provide no watermark picture。


On receipt


     Customers wrong、Others under false pretenses、Unable to contact himself to causes such as returned or lost,The resulting loss of freight and cargo,Customer commitment,We are not responsible for。I was asked to sign,Sign be deemed I sign。Receipt before you when the delivery person counted,If quantity discrepancies please delivery person sign and issue a certificate,And furnish to us,We will assist the customer claims,Once signed,Shall be considered the correct number,We are not responsible for。


 About returned goods


     The shop buyers all return receipt date calculation!Solemn declaration:More than72HourWill not be returned。

    Case of quality problems and wrong leakage,We bear the return shipping charges。Quality issues only:Fabric damage(Is the hole).Others, such as small broken、Washable micro-dirty、Minor stains and staining、Micro-yellow、Thread、Small scratches、Small snag、Mark position error or no tag water mark、Cuts the sign、Little jumper off line problem,Issue is not the quality!Quality problems please contact our customer service,Photo proof,And back-office applications for a refund。

    If not quality problem,Borne by the buyer and from postage,And not under the influence of secondary sales after deducting packaging finishing labor costs(Total value of the20%)



 Special note:Specials or clearance products,Not refundable;Patched stock styleNot refundable,First time in which a customer into theAAfter the product are dissatisfied,You can return。If this is the first time satisfaction,Second coming replenishment the sameAStyle,Is patched up,Already recognize this product,You cannot return。Business risk,Join the need to be cautious,We cannot guarantee that all products you can make money,Don't feel bad after a few days sold was sold also return,If the customer is considered right for business,There is no earning business。


Return attention:Involved a return please contact customer service,We reject all without contact to pay,Return postage for the first advance。Return need to ensure the integrity of the merchandise original packaging and accessories,Please close with a note written on a contact name and phone number,Order number,So help us as soon as possible to you, Oh!Do not forget Oh!



  21313Our decision through the many feedback comments and suggestions,We need more new customers to maintain fairness,Standing in the customer's point of view to consider,We all do not want to receive the goods were sold on the other one or two months to sell at the same price your product right?


    Shopkeeper recommends,If you do not understand style and quality of our products,First purchase trouble try to choose a variety of small,So as to avoid the cargo backlog affect cash flow,Make money in your home first was not readily wanton bargain,But in the home give you a discount price at the same time,You the most reasonable profits allow your buyers to the benefits,Who suffer will immediately terminate the cooperation,Hope that more buyers could understand the sincerity of the owner,Our goal is a win-win situation,Efforts to create maximum profit,Thank you。


Photograph is signed by default,There is dissent,Can be submitted directly to the platform the request for arbitration!