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Bust Neck sexy nightgown black slim lace v collar sexy pajamas Chinese queen outfit

¥ 3.33 (Market Price¥7.43 For your savings 4.10)

Mini Quantity:3(SUT)

Service Quality Pledge Origin Export Certified Products

  • :sempie
  • Whether to import:Whether
  • Product Barcode:585887859663
  • Shelf life:Three years
  • Material:Underwear
  • Origin:Other
  • Item no:5885323
  • Color:As Figure
  • function and use:Help
  • Type:OEM
  • Warranty Period:No
  • Product name:Hanging neck Sexy nightgown
  • Production Enterprises:Kyung Fei
  • Body size:Code:
  • Product Main material:In order to prevail in kind
  • Maximum noise:No
  • Whether lubricant is included:No
  • control type:Manually

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【Baby colors】Graph coloring,If there are errors,In order to prevail in kind


【Baby ingredients】Sweater+TPants


【Baby size】One Size(150cm-170cm)


【Packaging】OPPTransparent bags of individually wrapped,Professional closed,Protection of privacy,Merchandise original packaging,Packaging for professional courier bag or box packaging


【Washing tips】The water temperature is below40Best of hand washing,Do not rub hard,Prohibition of the bleaching and ironing,Hang to dry


【Maintenance tips】Lingerie is not machine washable、Bleach,Recommended weak salty liquid laundry dry naturally after washing by hand in order to protect the baby,Better make baby lifeLong,Word of advice30Degrees-40Warm water hand wash


【Special note】Sexy lingerie is a personal clothing,Tried on or used,Does not accept returns;Due to different monitor,Pictures color and real will be coloredPoorNowLike,Is a normal range;Product images are for reference only to material object as the standard








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